Exit intent popups are a proven way to capture the contact details of visitors who would otherwise leave your webstie never to return. 

In KyLeads, it's controled by display settings. When you're creating a modal or full screen popup (you can view the help doc for that here), you can set it to trigger on exit. 

Navigate to the display settigns after you've finished customizing your form.

After you've clicked on display rules, scroll down until you see the option lablelled exit-intent. Toggle it to the active position.

When you toggle it on, you can also set the delay in seconds before it can be triggered by someone exiting the page. If you don't want a minimum time delay then leave this option blank. 

Note: When you activate exit intent popups, it automatically deactivates scroll trigger and the separate time delay options. 

Save your changes and embed your popup as you would normally, it'll only appear on exit from now on. 

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