Targeting is one of the most important aspects of making effecitve popups and opt-in forms. 

If you get this part right, you can explode your conversion rates. 

KyLeads gives you multiple targeting options so you can show relevant messages to the right people. 

When you're creating a popup/form, there's a section in the popup creation wizard labeled "Display Rules."  Click it to view the display options. 

After clicking the "display rules" menu option, you'll have access to all of the targeting options. 

The first one is labled "after X seconds." When you toggle this one on it'll show a blue highlight and your popup won't appear until the time you set has elapsed.  The default time is measured in seconds and you can set it for any timeframe that suits you.

The next option is page level targeting. If you toggle this option on then your popups will only appear on specific pages. There are multiple ways to refine the conditions to make your popup appear. 

  • Is any page containing. If you select this option, a page that contains any part of the URL you add will display a popup. For example, if you add "/blog/" then all of the pages that contain that text in the URL will show the popup. 
  • Is the homepage. Your popup/form will only appear on the homepage. 
  • Is not the homepage. your popup/form will appear on every page that's not the homepage. 
  • Exactly matches. Your popup/form will only appear on pages that exactly match the URL you add. 
  • Does not exactly match. Will appear on any page that isn't the exact URL that you enter here (trailing slashes also count). 

Below that, there's another option that focuses on how far a visitor has scrolled before seeing the popup/form. KyLeads detects the length of the page and will show your popup at the appropriate moment. 

Choose when it will appear by typing in the scroll percentage. 

The next display option is based on URL parameters. That's just a fancy way of saying KyLeads will detect parts of the URL that come after an "?" (a query argument) and allow you to get laser targeted with who sees you popups. 

For example, you might want to show different popups based on where you've promoted the page. For those that come from LinkedIn, you could add to your URL and a specific popup will appear. For those that come from Facebook, you can add and a different popup will appear. 

This allows you to show specific offers to different audiences and increase your conversion rates. 

The last option is for exit popups which you can learn more about here

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