The CTA popups and forms allow you to direct traffic to specific pages. The creation process is similar to that of a standard popup with slight differences. 

This article will walk you through those differences. 

On the initial screen where you can see all of your popups/forms, click the green button that says "create new opt-in form."

It'll open a popup window that has three separate options to choose from. 

Choose the option labeled "direct traffic to a specific page." Name it and select the website that it'll be used on. 

On the next screen, choose the opt-in type and the template that you'd like to use. Click "save and continue."

When the editor loads, you'll be on the settings page. 

On the left hand menu, click the option labeled "optin."

You'll notice the customization options are different. Instead of choosing whether to collect, emails, names, etc. You only have an option to set the URL people go to after clicking. 

You can also change the shape of the button. All of the other customization options remain the same. 

If you want a walkthrough of the entire form/popup creation process, click here

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