After making an amazing popup, embedding it on your website, and getting a few conversions, it's time to look at the reports to see how it's performing and where you can improve. 

The KyLeads reporting page gives you a lot of information. 

When you first load the page, you'll see three separate donut graphs what give you a quick overview of how your popop or form is performing. 

The first donut shows you how many views the form/popup has had. This number is a total and also includes views for any A/B test you're running. This is always 100%. 

The second donut shows the total number of contacts the form has captured and, below that, the conversion rate. 

The third donut represents the conversion rate and shows it as a percentage compared to the number of people who didn't convert. 

When you scroll down, you'll encounter a line graph with three different data points:

  • contacts
  • views
  • conversion rate

By default, it shows the performance of the popup/form for all time. You can adjust it to show results across different time frames. 

When you continue to scroll down, you'll see a section labelled analysis. Here, the results from your popup/form are further broken down. 

You can see the views, contacts, and conversion rate laid out in a simple table. If you're running an A/B test, it'll also show you the percentage change between the original form/popup and the one you're testing. 

When you scroll down a bit further, you'll encounter a list of all the contacts the form has been able to capture for you. 

The contacts are divided into the people who signed up via your original form and your A/B test. 

That's it for the popups/forms reports. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out and we'll answer them for you. 

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